Send Email Marketing Campaigns

Like Never Before!


One Stop Solution To Power Your Email Marketing efforts with easy-to-use

& professional automation tools for today’s fastest growing businesses.


Create beautiful newsletters & emails using inbuilt WYSIWYG editor.


Manage your subscribers with unlimited email lists & segments.


Send your email campaigns with the best inbox delivery standards.


Track who opened or clicked your emails, bounces, spam and more.

Powerful Marketing Tools for Everyone

All the tools you need to send emails the right way!

Easy Import

Our super easy import system will make adding and managing contacts using lists a bliss.

Check Who's Interested

See who clicked on a message and send focused messages specially to the most interest people.

Newsletter Subscription

Establish an easy connection with our tools to your followers with a weekly round-up or a periodic newsletter.

Keep Your Email Lists Clean

Auto remove bounces and spam complaints to keep your lists clean and customers happy.

Tools For Lead Generation

Uplift your leads from your website using our inbuilt list forms while gathering your costs.

Thorough Activity Reporting

Keep an eye on your results with our advanced statistics balanced seamlessly with your comprehensive email log.

Solutions For Every Email Marketing Need

Choose a service that suits you best!

Business Solutions

If your volumes are less than 1 million emails per month, may we recommend our platform that’s convenient to use and is power packed with self-service features like template builder etc. You can start sending, managing & tracking your campaigns almost immediately.

Pay as You Go.

Pay only for what you use.

All tools available.

Perfect for small volume senders

Enterprise Solutions

For Enterprise class clients who demand higher performance & scalability we provide custom solutions that suits your needs the best. We can setup your on premise infrastructure or provide you a dedicated cloud based solution as per your email marketing requirements.

Private in-house setup.

Installed by us, managed by clients.

Dedicated Cloud Servers

Installed and managed by MailBrainiers.